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Controller & Splitter Details.



The Ignition controller gets a DVI-signal from the VGA-card of a PC or scan-converter with any kind of video input like HD-SDI, SDI, composite, etc, and converts the video-signal to a network based output format.

With the controller adjustments to scanning formats, screen size, display position, brightness and type of screen can be done.

Give the amount of panels used and the controller will divide the network based signal and transport it direct to the screen or through the signal splitter by CAT5 cable.

Each controller takes a max of 2048 by 640 pixels per Card. Connections between dividers, controllers and LED screens through standard CAT 5 FTP cable.



The Ignition splitter splits the network signal into max 9 programmable outputs/screens.

The splitter works as a kind of programmable Network Hub to make it easier to install multiple screens on one stage.

Each controller has 2 network outputs and can be splitted in max 18 separate lines.

The splitter makes it also very easy to copy the signal from one screen and use it on another.


All connectors on dividers and controllers are Neutrik RJ 45 Ethercon connectors.


Ignition splitterController connection
Key specifications:

Operating Voltage 100-250 Volt 50/60 Hz  1.25 Amp  .                                                                        
Input video signal: Standard DVI female.
Output to splitter or direct to screen.

Neutrik NE8FDV Ethercon RJ 45.
Program port: SUB-D 9 pins (RS232 or USB).
Power: Country specific.

Input from controller: 2 x RJ 45.
Output/link: Neutrik NE8FDV Ethercon RJ 45.
Output to LED screens: 9 x RJ 45.
Power: Country specific.

All cables are easy to extend by using CAT 5E FTP shielded cable with RJ45 connectors/adapters.
19  1
HE design metal case .


Ignition controller




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